God’s Prescription for Anxiety

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People tell me all the time that hanging out with me is relaxing because I’m such a “laid back” person. I swear I’m not bragging. It does come with its faults, trust me, but I have an idea as to why I’m like that.

I get an unusual amount of “mind numbing” every day.

Now I know that sounds like I’m on some interesting drugs, but, lol, no. Well, not exactly.

Let me ask you. What is the thing that gives you that little mental escape that we all need on the regular to stay happy and sane? 

I hope you’re able to answer that without even having to think about it, BUT what if you have absolutely no idea?

Well, here’s a good way to figure it out. Think about what activities get you totally lost in time. Hours could pass, and you don’t even realize it… and when something interrupts you, you REALLY don’t want to stop. It’s like waking up from a restful nap. Well, THAT’S your thing. And I’m willing to bet that your thing is in some way creative

That’s the indispensable beauty of creativity. Creativity is to our souls as sleep is to our bodies

If you follow me on facebook, you know I’m constantly creating something. It’s my calling and livelihood to be creative, and that’s why I say I get an unusual amount of mind numbing, which makes me an unusually laid back person. 

With all that being said, I’m constantly late for things, I lose my keys eight times a day, and I can’t stick to a diet and exercise plan to save my life… more symptoms of possibly too much mind numbing. So again, I’m not bragging.

I recently posted this live video of a little studio update, and I talked about how important it is that we do something creative every day… even if it’s just for 15 minutes. It matters not that what you create is useful, tasty, beautiful, or otherwise considered a success. The point is to get your daily dose of God’s prescription for anxiety

Creativity is a healthy, all natural drug… but it can be addicting. 😉

Creatively Yours,


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