Why choose a professional face painter?

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SAFETY – A professional face painter uses only the highest quality, cosmetic grade paints, which are easily removed with soap and water. Amateurs often use cheap hobby paints, or even poster paint, acrylic paint, or pens, which can stain skin and cause allergic reactions.

We also use only polyglitter, which is specially made for use on faces. Inexperienced painters may use craft glitter, which is metal based and can cause scarring to the surface of the eye.

Professionals follow good hygiene practices, e.g. using one clean sponge per face, never painting on children with skin or eye infections. Amateurs often have dirty kits, dirty water and the same couple of sponges are used over and over again.

SPEED – As a professional face painter, I have painted countless faces at hundreds of events. I offer a huge range of designs and can even create on the spur of the moment! Professionals can produce the most beautiful faces in about three to five minutes, far faster than most amateurs. And since I can paint more faces, I offer more value for your money than an amateur.

QUALITY – You want people to remember your event. Arty Party faces have the “WOW! Factor”.  Not only does this make for fantastic photo opportunities, it will have people talking about your event long after the party’s over!

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